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This story could have been oh so true.‭

It was inspired by a silly Saturday morning,‭ ‬a new motorbike and a girl in a red sports car.‭

There was a lorry,‭ ‬I was overtaking the sports car and yes,‭ ‬there was a lane‭ ‬-‭ ‬if there hadn’t been,‭ ‬I wouldn’t be writing this now.‭

And,‭ ‬as for the barman‭ ‬-‭ ‬well,‭ ‬there is this strange pub that I know…..

The Waiting Room

Joe sat alone in the bar and waited.‭ ‬Far off,‭ ‬in the distance,‭ ‬he could hear a car approaching‭; ‬its unmuffled pipes singing a song of hell.‭ ‬There was still time left though‭; ‬time left but nothing left to do.‭

He had been riding since dawn.‭ ‬With neither destination nor schedule he was happy to be alone on the road,‭ ‬free at last.‭

The last few months had been hell,‭ ‬a drunken hell,‭ ‬filled with misery and pain.‭ ‬But it was over.‭ ‬He had survived and he was grateful that those days were behind him and all in the past.‭

His fall had come when Susan had left him.‭ ‬He had always been a heavy drinker but,‭ ‬with his enforced solitude,‭ ‬he had seemed to lose control.‭ ‬Going over and over in his mind,‭ ‬all the things that he had said or hadn’t said,‭ ‬he drank more and more until the days seemed to pass in a drunken blur.‭

Finally,‭ ‬he lost his job,‭ ‬which was maybe what he had wanted all along.‭ ‬Now he was free to drink even more.‭ ‬He awoke in the mornings with a craving that was only satisfied by the evening’s oblivion.‭ ‬Days turned into weeks,‭ ‬weeks passed into months and he drank the time away.‭

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