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A funny story inspired,‭ ‬in a way,‭ ‬by a customer I used to have at a pub I used to work in.

The Bloodstone

The Meteorite had come from far away.‭ ‬During the thousands of years that it had spent ricocheting across the endless voids of space,‭ ‬it had seen much and knew almost all the history of the universe.

Over the years,‭ ‬countless collisions had whittled it down in size until it was now not much larger than a small family house,‭ ‬although houses had yet to be dreamed of on the blue and green planet that it was hurtling towards.‭

As it passed though the‭ ‬planet’s atmosphere,‭ ‬the heat from the planet’s atmosphere caused the stone to shrink even further and gave its surface a reddish glaze.‭

If anyone on the planet had been watching the Southern sky that night,‭ ‬they would have seen a faint streak of grey,‭ ‬almost hidden amongst the distant stars.‭ ‬But,‭ ‬the Earth was still young and man had not yet been born.‭ ‬And so,‭ ‬the stone went unobserved.‭

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