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I had this image of a guy leaving for work whilst his crippled wife waits for him.
But then the story seemed to get away from me and what I ended up with was a real surprise!

She Waits by the Window

Joe got on his bike and pulled on his helmet.‭ ‬The mornings were cold for August and Joe would be glad to get into work where it would be warm.

He glanced back at the cottage.

Sarah was sitting in her favourite chair by the window.‭ ‬She smiled and waved at Joe.‭ ‬Joe waved back.

For the millionth time he thought to himself how lucky he was.

He started the bike and pulled out into the lane.

He looked back at the cottage.‭ ‬Sarah was still sat by the window‭; ‬still smiling at him.

Work passed quickly.‭ ‬Joe wasn’t as interested in his work as he had been before the accident,‭ ‬it just didn’t seem to matter as much as it had done before.

All he cared about was Sarah,‭ ‬that she was OK.

Of course,‭ ‬she didn’t get out as much as she had before the accident.‭ ‬Joe understood that.‭ ‬He’d noticed people looking at him strangely recently.‭ ‬It was almost as if they blamed him for the accident‭ – ‬silly people.‭ ‬He couldn’t care less but obviously Sarah did.

Joe thought about all the good times they’d had before the accident.‭ ‬The weekend runs to Wales,‭ ‬pitching their tent in that little camp site‭; ‬exploring the country side by day and exploring themselves by night.

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