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This is a continuation of the Mike Kaminsky story.‭

In the first two tales The Prodigal Son and The Wrong Right Turn,‭ ‬death seems to be taking too much interest in Mike’s life.‭

I was hoping that,‭ ‬with this story,‭ ‬Mike’s luck might change for the better.‭

I think it did‭ ‬-‭ ‬he met Mel.‭ ‬I hope that she helps to take his mind off some of his recent pain.‭

You know,‭ ‬I’ve got a really good feeling that she will.

When I first started writing about Mike Kaminsky‭ (‬in The Prodigal Son‭)‬,‭ ‬I was surprise at how much of a hold his story‭ (‬and Bessie’s story too‭) ‬had over me.

The next story in the series,‭ ‬The Wrong Right Turn,‭ ‬came as a complete shock to me.‭ ‬There’s no way that I’m going to tell you that there was a slight hint of a tear in my eye when I finished writing that one‭ – ‬so,‭ ‬that’s something I’m not going to say.

I think that I’ve written enough about him for this collection.

Maybe I’ll try to catch up with him in a few months time.

A Summer’s Tale

I met her on the road back from Les Sables.‭ ‬She’d been there for the fireworks party and mega celebrations that always followed the end of the Round the World yacht race.‭

She later told me that she wasn’t so interested in yachting,‭ ‬although she admitted that she found most yachtsmen,‭ ‬particularly the round the world ones,‭ ‬sexy as hell.‭

“The great thing about long distance racing,‭”‬ she told me.‭ ‬“Is that the boats come in over a period of two or three days.‭ ‬Thus,‭ ‬the parties go on for at least two or three days.‭ ‬Cool parties,‭ ‬fit sailors,‭ ‬what more could a girl want‭?”

That’s not exactly the first thing she said to me.‭ ‬Not quite.‭

From the smoke coming out of the engine,‭ ‬she was obviously broken down.‭ ‬I would have stopped anyway,‭ ‬no matter what she was riding but her particular ride was a black BMW,‭ ‬like mine.‭

But,‭ ‬whereas Bessie is built for long distances and comfort,‭ ‬the poorly bike stood at the side of the road had been stripped down and set up for speed.‭

When I pulled up next to her,‭ ‬by the side of that dusty road,‭ ‬she informed me in no uncertain terms that she…‭ ‬‬“Didn’t fuck bikers,‭ ‬on a point of principle.‭”‬

That she‭ ‬“was quite capable of fixing her own bike.‭”‬

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